Real-time Translate

Selecting between Google and Microsoft

CometChat’s real-time translate feature can integrate with either Microsoft’s Translate API or Google’s Translate API. Below are the pricing details for each service:

Google’s Translate API (recommended; $20 for 1 million characters)

Microsoft’s Translate API (includes free plan)

Once you have decided which API you would like to use, please follow the instructions accordingly:

Configuring Google’s Translate API

You need to sign up for the Translate API service.

Google’s Translate API Signup

You need to add a billing account. Without adding this account, Google Translate will not work.

On login, click on settings tab and select Billing accounts. Now, click on Add billing account button.

Billing Account

Now, create a new Project.

New Project

On successful creation of the new project, click on APIs under APIs and auth.

Google APIs

Click on Translate API under Other popular APIs section.

Other Popular

Enable the API by clicking on Enable API button.

Enable API

Click on Credentials under APIs and auth.

API credentials

Click on Add credentials and select API key.


Select Browser key.

Browser Key

Fill the required details and click on Create button.

Create Key

Copy the API key.


Go to CometChat Administration Panel –> Features –> Other Features –> Translate Conversations and click on the Configure icon 1 besides the name.

Leave the Client ID and Client Secret values as blank, set Use Google Translate API to Yes and add the key which you copied earlier. Finally click on Update Settings button.

Real-Time Translate Google

Then simply clear your browser cache and test the real-time translate feature with another user.

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