Configuring Google

  1. To configure Google for your site, point your browser to and login.

  2. Click on Create Project. Enter the desired app name and click the Create button.


  1. You will be redirected to the Google Developers Console. In the side panel, go to
    APIs & auth –> Consent screen, fill in the details and click on the Save button.

  2. Next, go to APIs & auth –> Credentials and click on the Create new Client ID button.

  3. Choose Application type as Web application and fill in the details. Make sure to specify the right callback URL:


Note: You need to replace <> with your site’s domain name and <path_to_cometchat_directory> with path to the directory where CometChat is installed.

  1. Click on the Create Client ID and copy the Client ID and Client secret.


Configuring the Setting

Once you have your Client ID and Client secret, go to
CometChat Administration Panel –> Settings –> General –>Authentication Modes –> Google and click on the Configure icon 1 besides the name.

Enter your Client ID in the Google API Key and Client secret in the Google API Secret Key fields. Finally, click on Update Settings button.


You have thus successfully configured Google. Your site users can now use their Google credentials to login to your site.

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