Once a trigger has been added, an action will be the task that is performed if the trigger criteria is met.

Reply To User

The “Reply To User” is an action which can be used to send back a response to the user.

Simple message

To send a simple message, simply type that message. e.g. “Our contact hours are 9AM-5PM EST”.

Message with variables

If you want to pull information from the previous step and show it, then you can use the data variable. e.g. “You said {{data[1]}}”

If you have received results from “Call URL” in the previous step, then you can use the variable. e.g. “{{}}”

Call URL

If you would like to further process an incoming message, you can use the “Call URL” action. Usually, once this action is performed, you can add another action i.e. “Reply To User”.

To send data from the previous step, you can use a value like:{{data[1]|url_encode}}

Along with every call, the following information is sent in the query string (as GET parameters):

conversationId – To uniquely identify the conversation
platformId – To uniquely identify the platform
senderId – To uniquely identify the sender


The flow of steps are as follows:

  1. Step 1 accepts any message from the user
  2. Step 2 calls the URL and sends the message
  3. The remote URL returns a JSON data with a message in “reply”
  4. Step 3 replies to the user with the reply.
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