Getting Started

Who is this guide not for?

If you are using our Ready-to-use bots for CometChat, then you can directly manage them via the CometChat Admin Panel.

Let’s begin

This guide is for users who want to use our Bots platform to create new bots for CometChat or other platforms.

Here is a quick guide to get started on your first bot.

Step 1: Register and login

Once you signup.

Step 2: Add New Bot

After you login, you can click on “Add New Bot” button and enter a name for your bot.

Step 3: Add a New Flow and Components

A flow is like a track (workflow) that a bot takes. A bot will take the first flow (whose trigger condition is met) and discard the rest.

The simplest flow is to add a “User Says” component followed by a “Reply to user” component. The first component of a flow is the trigger and the remaining are actions. So a flow will be executed only if the trigger condition is met.

Step 4: Test your Bot

Once you have added the new flow, test it in real-time using the right hande panel on your bot page.

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