Step 1: Create Facebook Page

If you already have a Facebook Page, then you can skip this step. If not, you can create your own Facebook Page.

Step 2: Create Facebook App

a. Head to the Facebook Developers page to create a new app. Click on the “Add a New App” button and then select “basic setup” (at the bottom of the popup).

b. Enter a “Display Name” (can be same as your Facebook Page name)

c. Once you are in the app page, click on “+ Add Product” button from the left panel.

d. Scroll to “Messenger” and click on “Get Started” and then again press the “Get Started” button.

e. Select your Facebook Page and then copy the “Page Access Token” that is generated.

f. Now head over to the Bots Admin Panel and in your bot page, click on “Add Platform” button.

g. Select “Facebook Messenger” from the list and paste the “Page Access Token” that you copied in step e.

h. You will now see “Facebook Messenger” in the list under “Platforms”. Copy the “Callback URL” and “Verify Token”.

i. Head back over to the Facebook app page -> Messenger and click on “Setup Webhooks” button.

j. Paste the “Callback URL” and “Verify Token” and select “messages” and then press the “Verify and Save” button.

k. Select your page next to the “Select a page to subscribe your webhook to the page events” message and click “Subscribe”.

l. Finally, head over to your new Facebook page and send a message.

Step 3: Submit App for Review

Once you are happy with the bot, go back to the Messenger section of your page and add “pages_messaging” for review by click on “Add to Submission”. Once added, click on “Submit For Review” button (you may have to add a logo for your app before doing that). If you do not submit your app for review, other users will not be able to interact with your bot on your Facebook Page.

Step 4: Congratulations!

Your bot should now be live in action!

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