Once you create a flow, you can add a trigger. Trigger is basically the action the flow will wait for. This action can either be from the user (i.e. a user says something) or from a URL call or from Zapier.

User Says

The “User Says” component is the most important component. It is a trigger which is activated when a user says something. The value text area accepts any message or regex expression. It also accepts multiple messages.

Look for a word

“hi|hello|hey” will trigger the component if the user says “hi”, “hello” or “hey”

Look for an expression

“/(.*)/” will trigger the component if the user says anything. You can learn more about regular expressions RegexOne. To tell the component to look for a regular expression, it must start with a “/” and end with a “/”.

If you use “(” and “)”, then that information will be available to you in the next component.

For example, to get a number, you can use:

“/number is (\d*)/”

And it will be triggered if the user types:

“number is 5”

And “5” will be available in the next step as {{data[1]}}

Wait for URL

If you want to send data asynchronously to a bot, then you can use the “Wait for URL” trigger.

Wait for Zapier

This will enable you to connect Zapier to your bot. Our Zapier integration is currently in beta. Send us an email and we will help you activate it.

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