Before you start with the integration of CometChat SDK into your existing applications, Please find the tools essential for the integration:

  * Cordova
  * Android SDK (in case of Android)
  * Xcode (in case of iOS)

The CometChat SDK provides you with two options:

CometChat With UI :

In this implementation, you can directly launch the CometChat UI in your existing app.You also have the option to open the chat window for a particular user or group individually. We also provide you with the source code for the UI so that you can modify the UI before using it in your application. Feel free to dive into the codebase and experiment with it to have the UI of your choice.

Build your own UI:

This implementation provides you with complete freedom to design and develop your own chat module for the application. It provides you with the reference to the methods that allow you to perform the desired operations.

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