User Management

This section provides you with a guide to manage your users. It allows you to perform operations to create user, modify user and remove user.

In this case, as you already have a server up and running and CometChat is added to your existing server, the user management needs to be done at your server end.

Users can log in to CometChat with the same credentials that they use to login to your website.

Please look into our Web SDK guide for more information to manage/sync your users.

Assuming you do not have your own servers set up, we do provide an option to perform user management for the CometChat Cloud customers.

The user management, needs to be performed using our Restful API

Tools like Postman can be used to carry out REST operations to perform user management.

Note:- If you have your own website, we suggest the user logs in to CometChat using his credentials for the the website.

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