Quick Start

Firstly, Congratulations!

You’re a few steps away from adding CometChat to your site & app! Take a few deep breaths and read on carefully.

Client Area

Once you login to the CometChat Client Area, you will be able to see your brand new license.

1. Domain

Start off with associating your domain. If CometChat is installed at the location https://www.yoursite.com/cometchat, then please enter the domain as yoursite.com. During development, you can also use an IP address like or localhost as the domain. If your domain is incorrect, CometChat will not work correctly.

If you are only using the CometChat SDK for your app (and have no web server), you can enter the domain as localhost

Client Area - Associate Domain

2. Web Technology

Web Technology is the technology that you use on your server.

Please select the technology closest to your setup. For example, if you are using WordPress on your site, then it’s advisable to select WordPress (under Software Platforms) rather than PHP (under Programming Languages). So, your order of choice should be…

Software Platforms > Frameworks > Programming Languages.

If your technology is not listed, simply select Unlisted Web Technology option.

If you are only using the CometChat SDK for your app (and have no web server), you can select the No Web Technology option.

Client Area - Web Technology

Way Forward

Once you have done the above two steps, you can proceed with your integration depending on the Web Technology you’ve selected. Find your Web Technology on the left side to begin!

If your technology was not listed, then you can view the Unlisted Web Technology guide.

If you do not have a server, then you can view the No Web Technology guide.

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