This guide will help you through the installation process and get CometChat running on your site. Installation is very straight forward, only taking about 5 minutes from uploading the files to viewing the CometChat bar on your site.

Before you begin, you will need an FTP client, if you do not have one, some popular solutions include FileZilla (free) or CuteFTP (trial). You do not need programming knowledge to install CometChat, but a working knowledge of FTP functions is a plus.

This guide assumes that you have successfully downloaded the latest release of CometChat and have the zip file unzipped and ready to go. If not, you can download the package from the Members Area.

The instructions will term the zip file you downloaded as


At this point, you should have the zip archive and find a single folder- /cometchat.

If you don’t know already, find out the folder in which Composr CMS is installed.If you access your Composr CMS site via ‘’, then look for the webroot directory.

The webroot directory is usually public_html or www, but this varies from server to server so if you’re unsure, contact your hosting provider.

Using your FTP client, copy the /cometchat folder inside your Composr CMS folder. e.g.


Step 1

You should now run the installer file through your web browser by entering the URL into your browser’s address bar (if you have followed our example, type in, naturally substituting ‘’ for your web address).

If the installation was completed successfully, then two code snippets will be displayed on your screen. The first code is for docked themes like Glass, Hangout, Facebook etc. and the second is for embedded theme i.e. Synergy. Please copy the appropriate lines of code depending on whether you wish to use docked themes or embedded theme.

Also the page may display a list of files and folders which may require additional permissions. Please CHMOD those files/folders to 777.

Step 2

To use docked theme: You need to add the copied code into your GLOBAL_HTML_WRAP.tpl file, immediately after the  tag, and surrounded by {+START,IF,{$RUNNING_SCRIPT,index}} … {+END}.

i.e. you need to change the to: <head>


        <link type="text/css" href="{$BASE_URL*}/cometchat/cometchatcss.php" rel="stylesheet" charset="utf-8" />
        <script type="text/javascript" src="{$BASE_URL*}/cometchat/cometchatjs.php" charset="utf-8"></script>

To do this go to Admin Zone > Style > Themes, click Edit Templates next to the your site’s theme, and browse to edit your GLOBAL_HTML_WRAP.tpl file. Make the edit within the editor then save.

To embed CometChat in your site: Add the code copied for embedded theme from step 1 in your site’s HTML code to embed the chat. Now delete install.php file from the /cometchat folder. That’s all! Now log-in to your site and you will be able to see the CometChat bar. For customizing the text, icons, plugins, theme and modules, please refer to the documentation for Administration Panel.

If you would like to use CometChat Cloud with Composr, please get in touch with us.
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