Step 1

You will find two zip files inside the cometchat_UNZIP_FIRST folder. Unzip the file and merge the extracted plugins folder with the existing plugins directory of your site.

Step 2

Log in to Crea8social Administration Panel and from the left menu, go to Plugins Manager > Manage.

Step 3

Find and select CometChat under the list of Plugins and click Activate.


Step 4

Go to Settings > CometChat.

Step 5

Select the file provided in the package and click Upload.

Step 6

Once CometChat is installed, CometChat Administration Panel will be displayed.

Additional Settings

Inbox Synchronization: To enable Inbox Synchronization, check Yes option and click SAVE.

User Group: To disable CometChat for a particular user group, provide user group id and click SAVE.

Enable/Disable CometChat bar: To enable/disable CometChat bar, check Yes/No option respectively and click SAVE.
Screenshot6 .

If you face problem while uploading file, please unzip the that has been provided in the package. Place the cometchat folder in the Crea8social root directory and execute cometchat/install.php from http://<path_to_crea8social>/cometchat/install.php. Also, CHMOD the following folder to 777 (recursively): /cometchat/writable/

Login and visit CometChat Admin Panel -> Install CometChat tab. Perform the configuration setting as mentioned.

If you plan to use the Docked Layout, then you can add the HTML code to the same header template after clicking on Add To Site.

If you plan to use the Embedded Layout, then you can add the HTML code to any site page of your choice.

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