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Installing CometChat as an ILIAS plugin

Step 1

If <ILIAS_directory>/Customizing/global/plugins/Services/UIComponent/UserInterfaceHook/ directory is not present then create it.

Step 2

Extract the UNZIP_FIRST_COMETCHAT/ to get ‘CometChat’ folder.
Copy this ‘CometChat’ folder into <ILIAS_directory>/Customizing/global/plugins/Services/UIComponent/UserInterfaceHook/
So that the structure will be <ILIAS_directory>/Customizing/global/plugins/Services/UIComponent/UserInterfaceHook/CometChat

Step 3

Login as administrator in ILIAS and click on ‘ADMINISTRATION’.


Step 4

Select ‘Plugins’ in the basic category.


Step 5

CometChat row will appear, click on ‘Action’ and hit ‘Update’ link.


Step 6

Once ILIAS updates the plugin, hit ‘Activate’ link that will appear instead of the ‘Update’ link.


Step 7

Now click on ‘Configure’ link, CometChat Administration Panel will be displayed.


Step 8

It will ask to upload CometChat zip file, you can find this file in (UNZIP_FIRST_COMETCHAT/
Upload the CometChat zip and click on ‘Install’.


Step 9

A message will appear ‘CometChat has been successfully installed’.


Step 10

Go back to plugins and hit ‘Configure’.


Step 11

You can access CometChat Administration panel


Step 12

Advance settings

i. Inbox Synchronization:

Inbox Synchronization can be enabled or disabled from Administration > Plugins > CometChat > Configure > Advance Settings > Synchronize inbox messages with ILIAS?

Select ‘Yes/No’ to enable/disable inbox synchronization and click on ‘Save Settings’.

ii. Usergroup setting:

To enable or disable CometChat for a particular usergroup go to Administration > Plugins > CometChat > Configure > Advance Settings > Hide CometChat for which usergroups?

Check the usergroups for whom you wish to disable CometChat and click on ‘Save Settings’.


If you would like to use CometChat Cloud with ILIAS E-learning, please get in touch with us.
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