Installing CometChat as an Oxwall plugin

Step 1

You will find two zip files inside the ‘cometchat_UNZIP_FIRST’ folder. Unzip the ‘oxwall.zip’ file and merge the extracted ‘ow_plugins’ folder with the existing ‘ow_plugins’ directory of your site.

Step 2

Log in to Oxwall administration panel, go to
PLUGINS > Available Plugins.

Step 3

Find ‘CometChat’ under the list of ‘AVAILABLE PLUGINS > Plugins to Install’ and click INSTALL.


Step 4

Go to ‘PLUGINS > Installed Plugins’. Find and select ‘CometChat’ under ‘INSTALLED PLUGINS > Active Plugins’ and click SETTINGS.


Step 5

Select the ‘cometchat.zip’ file provided in the package and click UPLOAD.


Note: If you face problem while uploading ‘cometchat.zip’ file, please unzip the ‘cometchat.zip’ that has been provided in the package. Place the ‘cometchat’ folder in the oxwall root directory and execute ‘cometchat/install.php’ from “http://<path_to_oxwall>/cometchat/install.php”.Also, CHMOD the following folder to 777 (recursively):

Step 6

Once the CometChat is installed successfully on your site, the CometChat Administration Panel will be displayed.


Additional Settings:

User Group:
You can hide CometChat for specific groups by simply entering the user group’s ID in the ‘Hide CometChat from’ field and click SAVE SETTINGS.


Hide CometChat:
You can hide CometChat bar from your site by entering ‘all’ in the ‘Hide CometChat from’ field and click SAVE SETTINGS.


Inbox Synchronization:
Check “Yes” to enable Inbox Synchronization and click SAVE SETTINGS.


Note: The inbox synchronization will work only if Oxwall’s mailbox plugin is installed and activated. Also, ensure that message mode of that plugin is set to ‘Chats’ or ‘Mails + Chat’.

Activate / Deactivate CometChat:
To activate / deactivate CometChat on your site, go to ‘PLUGINS > Installed Plugins’. Find ‘CometChat’ under ‘INSTALLED PLUGINS > Active Plugins / Inactive Plugins’ and click DEACTIVATE / ACTIVATE respectively.



Login and visit CometChat Admin Panel -> Install CometChat tab. Perform the configuration steps as mentioned.


Docked Layout

If you using the Docked Layout, you need to edit your site template. Immediately after the opening <head> tag add the copied HTML code:

<link type="text/css" href="//fast.cometondemand.net/XXXXXX.css" rel="stylesheet" charset="utf-8">
<script type="text/javascript" src="//fast.cometondemand.net/XXXXXX.js" charset="utf-8"></script>"

Embedded Layout

If you are using the Embedded Layout, you can add the copied HTML code into any site page.

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