CometChat plugin installation instructions

Step 1 :

Login to your WordPress Admin panel. Go to: Plugins > Add new

Step 2 :

Search for CometChat on the right search bar.

Step 3 :

Once WordPress Directory shows you the search results, click Install now to install the CometChat plugin.

Step 4 :

After the CometChat plugin installation, click Activate.

Step 5 :

Now click CometChat tab present in the left column of your WordPress admin panel,
enter your license key in the text box and click Install.
A license key can be obtained by logging onto CometChat Client Area.

Step 6 :

Once CometChat Plugin Installation Done.

Login to your CometChat Client Area
Select your web/server Technology as “PeepSo”.

Click Manage and goto Install CometChat tab and download PeepSo Integration Package.

Step 7 :

Extract That Package Open CometChat Folder and copy ‘integration.php’ from that package and replace with your servers ‘cometchat/integration.php’.

Step 8 :

Clear Cache from your CometChat Client Area.

That’s It! CometChat has now been integrated and will now appear on all pages of your site!
Go ahead and customize CometChat from your CometChat Client Area.

We are working on the integration of Peepso with CometChat Cloud and it’s on its way. Stay tuned!
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